Yes. You read that right. You are and will always be enough.

Yes, you may not have as many friends as you would like. You may not have a ton of money and you tend to go through more shit than others. But you are still alive. And there is a reason for that.

What reason is that, you ask? Well I will be damned if I knew the answer to that. And you may not know it either. Not today, not tomorrow… But that is the beauty of not knowing where your life is headed.

You can still explore and figure things out as you go.

In the end, it matters that you live your life at its fullest, no matter how big or small things get.

If you get down, bring yourself back up. If life throws shit at you, pat yourself on the back for making it this far. If people are shit, ditch them. No one is worth it more than yourself. Surround yourself with self love and stop being dependant on other people.


A few things you CAN do while quarantined

I guess things are much worse than we all expected.

Do not worry. If we stick together and stay indoors, things will pass. We just need to be responsible.

But we get really bored, right? We need some air, some sun, a walk in the park where birds sing all happy and swans roam the lake.

I get it. I get bored too. But that should not stop me.

Take this time as a break and focus on yourself. Get back to that Hobby you never managed to take care of because you did not have time. Create new hobbies if you do not have any.

Here are a few of the things I managed to get into, more than I used to before:

  • I finished a few of my TV shows on Netflix. I still have many to go, so I guess I will DEFINITELY not have time to get bored.
  • I got back into my reading habit…ish (because Netflix >.>)
  • I painted
  • I wrote daily in my journal – journal-ing can be VERY de-stressful. Trust me ❤
  • If you are working from home, get some rest as well. You need it.
  • Meditate – 10-15 minutes of meditation helps you put things in order in your head.
  • If you are into Tarot, get your deck and read daily. This way you will also learn your cards 😉
  • Yoga – if you like working out and stretching, guess you can do both in one

Whatever you do, do not let this get you down. If you are sad, remember that our ancestors went through much worse. We are told to stay indoors. It is really not that hard. It takes getting used to, but it really is not a big deal.

We can do this 🙂

Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

2020 or The Year of Changes

2020 came down quite hard and shocking for most of us.

For me it went like this:

  • lost my relationship of 5 years
  • started therapy
  • started treatment
  • started my photography school that,unfortunately, got postponed
  • lost some weight
  • COVID-19….

Can’t say I did not see a major change coming our way. Mother Nature had about enough with overpopulation. And so have we.

But I was thinking about a big Earthquake…..

I guess you can call this a sort of a Global Earthquake too.

I am afraid this is not it. I feel like something more is coming. Not sure if a war but….something.

And, as bad and heartless as it may sound, Earth needs this. WE need this.

Resources have reduced, population keeps growing, future babies will die of hunger if we do not learn how to properly ration things.

We need to teach them now, so they can thrive later.

Stay indoors and stay safe.

May Mother Nature be kind to you 🙂


I feel lost….Lost in a sea of sharks that we now call society.

No one cares about you. Once they see themselves up top, all they do is replace you like a sock and mock you.

Especially companies. They present you with such a beautiful offer and tell you they care, yet, when they feel they no longer need you, they simply throw you down the street like you are nothing. And it is a shame. They all forget that they were us once, and they keep forgetting that employees make a company go…

Plus, people have forgotten to be nice. They all learned to bullshit better….

My advice to you, reader, is – if you have a hobby or are good at something in this life, exploit it and build something of your own. Don’t let others lead you in the way they want. BE your own leader 🙂

Falling Star or something else..

If you believe in Aliens or not, that it is up to you. I always try to find the logic behind things I see, but I do believe we can’t be alone in a huge Universe.

Last week I saw something very strange. Like really, really strange. I had to look up how satellites act in order to state a fact. And that sure was no satellite.

I went outside to enjoy the clear night sky (my favorite thing ever) and I saw a plane. Followed it until one point and then I saw what looked like a moving star. So I told myself ” Oh, a falling star ^_^”

But this is where it got weird. The “star” no only that it was “unsure” where to go, but it changed trajectory quite fast.

I remember it came towards my direction, IT FLASHED >.> like someone took a photo (what could have been a satellite I thought) and then it wanted to go to the right side, but then decided to go left. That moment I called my boyfriend so he can witness too, because he is a hell of a skeptic and does not believe this, and he would not have believed me. HE is still uncertain, but he can’t explain it either.

So it went left after it flashed and zig-zagged a bit, then it continued in that direction, later on flashed AGAIN (this is when we both got weirded out) and it continued going in that direction, only to flash one last time. And then we either lost it (as it became smaller and smaller) or it simply went away.

Now, the most logic theories are these: either it was a satellite (but, from what I gathered, they do not change trajectory that fast) and two, falling star….but then again, stars do not change trajectory, and you can see when they break into the atmosphere and simply vanish.

So, what it was, I have no idea, but I will surely remember this for the rest of my life. It was one hell of an experience.

2019 so far…

Hi reader. LOOOOOOOOOONG time no write.

I neglect it a lot. I know. My laptop is slow AF, I hate typing on my PC, I usually get stuck on Instagram and Pinterest when on phone and in the end, nothing gets done.

So far I have only achieved one goal from all those I made and that is getting a (2 wheeled) scooter. Not sure how else to call it, but it helps a lot in town.

Other than that, I am completely lost, have NO IDEA what I want to do with my life, I am SICK AND TIRED of working for corporations and… I am. Depressed again. *sigh*

Not sure why I have a huge lack of energy. Could be the heat, could be all the people around me at work, or the work itself.

I thought about doing something of my own but….where on earth do I even start?

I just hate this thing where I get some days off work and accomplish nothing. I just feel like sitting in bed, watching Netflix. (Have you seen Stranger Things? ❤ )

All in all, hope you are doing much much better and are achieving much more. If yes, I need tips 😀

Cya next year, or whenever I feel like typing on this slow laptop (hopefully will get a new one next year..)

New Year’s Resolution?

I was never the type to have a NYR due to the fact that I am a person who has no idea what to do in this life, unfortunately. Did not find my goal / purpose yet.

These last few days I considered making some goals and try as much as possible to stick to them. So here they are:

  1. No more fake friends – I am tired of being the only one to look for them and them be there only when they need me. I deserve some respect too.
  2. Take care of myself more
  3. Meditate more (as long as time permits me)
  4. Get a new DECENT job – basically one where you feel less like in a prison
  5. Get my first ever MacBook (air 2018) ❤ – this goal I intend to keep. Wish me luck!
  6. Get an electric scooter
  7. Learn more Tarot

I really hope I manage to achieve these goals. I know it is a lot, but I am sure some can easily be achieved as long as I want to 🙂

Happy New Year, guys. Hope next year brings more of what you need most!

Letting People Go

In life, you often befriend people that may or may not be good to you or for you. At first, it takes a while until we learn that and, by the time we do learn the harm they do, it is a bit too late as we become attached.

Letting them go is the key, no matter how hard it is.

Friends will come and go, remember that. You will never be alone unless you choose to be. All that it matters is that you stay strong to heartbreaks, even if it is due to friends who do not give a damn about you. Just..let them go 🙂

That is what I am doing because no one deserves my attention if their intend is bad or if they do not give a damn back. And I am ok with that.

How do you deal with fake friends?

Dealing with problems

Now, do not get me wrong. I am in no way an expert at life, but I know I have dealt with stuff and learned a few “tricks” What I am, however, certain of, is that alcohol and drugs are not the answer to a problem.

No one is saying that drinking is bad in general, but as long as it has a limit, that should be fine. Otherwise, don’t! Why? Because those around you might get to suffer the consequence of the action that come after you are drunk. When you are drunk or on drugs, it is easy to do whatever, as you have no control over the actions. And that is wrong. No one is requesting you to act all perfect all the time, but no one is obliged to see you destroy your life, either.

Bringing more issues into your life instead of solving the ones you have, will definitely not get you very far in life. Nor will it bring you happiness.

Yes, it definitely feels awesome to let it all go and screw everything and just have fun. But how about next day? How about the day after next day? Will you feel the same? Will you be ok mentally? Will it all be worth it?

All actions have consequences and some of them have the tendency to “infest” people. And they go do the same and they “infest” others around them. And so on. It is a vicious circle.

All you need to now is that you are not alone in all of this. Even if you have no one around you, you will still have yourself. Because you matter. You are the change in this world. Not your neighbor, not your parents, not your friends….you. It all starts witch each of us.

WE are the change WE need.

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