What have I been up to while away from here

Hi reader,


I do not write as much anymore as most people either follow to make their blog known, or do not read at all nor follow.

I have decided it is time to do something about my reading hobby and that is BOOK REVIEWS!!

I admit I am hyped about it and I hope to find the time and energy to do it, but it should not be as hard.

https://noobishbookreviews.blogspot.com will be where I will review them. Nothing there yet, but hopefully, after I finish reading ” In the Minds of Billy Milligan” by Daniel Keyes, I shall also post my review. I will do it my own way following a pattern, and at my own pace. No rush as there are plenty of reviews out there. I just do it as a hobby.


C ya’ next time, reader ^_^



Hi reader,

I am wondering if it is worth having a personal blog in 2018….I mean…some people like it so you may like it back, but not too many read the content. Some people like it for commercial and some not at all.

I am not entirely sure I will ever find a blog community that is there for the blogs and not advertising and gains. But I will keep my hopes up.


Why do you have a blog?

2018 Goals?

Hi there reader,

I just thought I would sit down and type away my thoughts on what will 2018 bring for me.

Well, I have no idea. No one does really…. We set goals and, even though we succeed in doing some, we might not with others and issues and other goals interfere with our own goals. Not sure if it makes sense, but you got the point.

If you are a perfectionist then you probably will find a way to achieve all your goals. Me on the other hand….I can barely organize myself.

So I decided to stick with only 4 things this year:

  • Read more
  • Write and focus on one of my stories that I have been having in mind for quite some time
  • (Try to) eat healthier
  • Play World of Warcraft and try to finish all achievements 😀

Now, I have other goals in mind such as finish The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones but…… I am not sure how much those will happen.

At least one thing will happen: get a new phone 😀

I currently have an i6 and, even thought I still love it, it is time it goes since it became very, very laggy. S8 Plus here I come!

But all in their time.

What goes would you have for this year? Will you achieve them? Let me know if you have a pattern or order in which you achieve them.

The type of person that I am aka Copycat

Hi there reader,

I was looking into some YouTube videos, and I was thinking:

” Man, I am such a copy cat”

Why, you ask?

Well….I for one have never been the type to do my own thing (except reading and writing a bit)

I have always seen other girls do things like writing or having a certain product or writing in a certain way. I even copied my teacher’s writing style in high school – #creeper.

Now, the fact that I stole my writing style was a good thing. I had SUCH an awful writing before that.  I thanked my teacher then, no worries. She just found it amusing, thankfully.

But I tend to copy hobbies. Now, do not get me wrong. I have my own: reading, gaming and make-up.

But there are some things like buying agendas so you can have a planner but there is nothing to plan in your life as your life is very boring. I just want some things to belong to me, to be personal and not feel copied.

I even copied make-up, but that is a good thing since I perfected it a bit and am having fun with it.

I am even aiming at getting a MacBook Pro just because I love its design and how it looks in Instagram and Pinterest pictures.

I hope you get the idea. I am just a tiny copycat trying to find its own thing, its own, personal daily hobby / activity.

I just do not wish to live through others’ ideas and pleasures. I just hope that I find my own one day as this slows me in life and as a person.

I will always stick to make-up and reading. Let’s just hope I find a use for writing as well as I have SO many ideas, but I never finish them.


What is your favorite thing to do on a daily basis and what defines you as a person?

Burgers, Burgers or how I manage to eat tomatoes.

Hi there reader,


That is right! I managed to find a way to eat tomatoes !!  “What do you mean manage to eat? Don’t you eat tomatoes like everyone else?”   Nope. I do not. Plus, there are plenty of people like me out there.

I have gone out with my love to eat some burgers and decided to leave the tomato on. Somehow, when I am craving for a burger, I am no longer aware of the tomato. As long as I do not feel the texture, then I am ok with it.

Unfortunately, at the end when I could barely eat anymore, I started to feel the tomato and felt kind of sick. But did not vomit, which is good.


These were the burgers we had. They look amazing, don’t they? Rest assured, they tasted better than they looked <3.

It was a fun day out and a thrive for me, for being able to eat that darn tomato.

I’ll try again in the future. As long as I do not feel the texture, I should be fine.

Until next time, reader!

Happy New Year, reader!

Hi there,


I wanted to wish you, reader, a Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true and all goals be reached.

I would like to read more, write more and focus on this blog, and to learn how to paint. Also to finish all TV shows I am currently watching: Lucifer, Shannara, The Walking dead and Fear TWD and to maybe start watching GoT.  But with the time I have, I doubt I will be able to do them all. But I can still try.

This year had its ups and downs, but hopefully 2018 will bring new opportunities and open doors. Maybe a new laptop on which to write :D. It has always been my absolute dream to have a MacBook. Not to praise with it, but due to its elegance and keyboard flow.

  What are your goals for next year?  

Writing Habits or The Need to Write Something Phenomenal

Well…here I am again. Typing to you, reader.

I have been wanting to write a story…ANY story, for a long, long, LONG time. Shame I never had that time, nor made it.

All set, energetic and laptop open, I am ready to write.

But what should I write about? I have so many ideas gathered in the corner of my mind, that I do not know what to choose for my story.

Need to finish my poems, that’s for sure. I do want to publish those first, THEN publish a story.

If you feel at least a little bit interested, come follow me on Wattpad. You know, that world full of wonderful writers where you can find all sorts of awesome stories. Of course I am not talking about myself. I am an ultra beginner noob, still trying to gather the proper skills to even form a sentence that makes beautiful sense.


Come say hi !

Until next time, reader!

INTRODUCTION…..or me and what this blog should be about.

Hey there,reader!

Name is Alexa and I have started this blog so many times. I never found the time nor inspiration to write about something…anything.

I shall start with a little intro:

I am a 26 y.o. (at the moment) girl who is  afraid of speed inside cars, trains etc, who has panic attacks where crowded, a little bit of dyslexia, in a beautiful relationship, into makeup and dogs and books, into writing and occasionally drawing.

I have no idea what this blog will be about but I am guessing that it will be about each hobby that I have and a bit of each thing that I love. I do not seek pity nor do I seek help. The best help you get is from yourself only.

I write to let go of stuff and also to enjoy the little I have. And also to grow my writing skills. I do love writing. Mostly poems. If I am lucky and inspired and manage to fit this in, I might actually write a book (ish).

All in all, I do hope it will get better for me as well….but only time can tell. I do hope I can pull this blog thing through. Not sure where it will get but…I shall see  😀

Very nice to meet you, reader. Whomever you may be.

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